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Lyme Disease Symptoms Part 2: Persistent or 'Chronic'

A MUST watch 3 Part Video Series on Lyme disease symptoms! This video is Part 2 of a 3 part video series that will cover the chronic or persistent symptoms commonly seen in those who suffer from Lyme disease.

Part I covers symptoms of a recent tick bite or acute symptoms of Lyme disease.

Part III will review some 'real life' insights into symptoms seen in my practice, covering the typical to atypical/'strange'/'weird' symptoms that I have seen in thousands of Lyme disease patients.


1:00 - Introduction

2:27 - Start of persistent/'chronic' symptoms recording

2:58 - Symptom changes/differences seen with chronic type symptoms

3:21 - Cognitive function concerns

3:48 - General physical concerns/changes

4:03 - Gastrointestinal concerns/changes

4:11 - Mental health concerns/changes

5:08 - Depersonalization type episodes

5:27 - Fatigue/stamina concerns/changes

5:38 - Disturbed sleep concerns/changes

5:51 - Other physical concerns/changes (i.e. blood pressure, temperature tolerance)

6:08 - Shortness of breath, "air-hunger"

6:21 - Skin rashes (i.e. petechiae, striae)

6:58 - Other conditions that may be associated with 'chronic Lyme disease' (i.e. fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc)


Part I - Lyme Disease Symptoms - Recent Tick Bite!

Lyme disease Risk Factors To Consider!

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