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How to Organize Lyme Disease Testing On Your Own!

In this video, I am going to talk about how to organize Lyme testing on your own, specifically with specialty labs/private labs - Armin Labs who are based in Germany or IGenex Labs who are based in California.

Usually, people are looking into private labs for Lyme disease testing because ​one of these 3 reasons:

(i) you have done testing already and don't trust the results

(ii) your HCP is refusing to test you so you have no other option

(iii) you have done some research and you know that you want to move forward with testing.

If this is you, keep watching as I reveal my helpful TIPS on how to PREP, DRAW & SEND your samples for Lyme disease testing, on your own!


0:00 Intro

1:00 Overview

2:10 3 Stages of testing

2:35 Tip 1 (Prep stage)


3:48 Tip 2 (Prep stage)

5:15 Tip 3 (Prep stage)

5:58 Tip 1 (Draw stage)

6:48 Tip 2 (Draw stage)

7:22 Tip 1 (Send stage)

9:11 Tip 2 (Send stage)

9:24 Tip 3 (Send stage)

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5 Lyme Disease Testing FAQs

IGeneX vs. Armin Labs- Lyme disease testing. (COMING SOON!)

How To Order Order Your Test Kit: STEP BY STEP (COMING SOON!)

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