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Lyme Disease Symptoms PART 1: Recent Tick Bite

Updated: May 2

.A MUST watch 3 Part Video Series on Lyme disease symptoms!

This video is Part 1 of a 3 part video series which will cover symptoms of a recent tick bite or acute symptoms of Lyme disease.

Part II will cover symptoms seen in persistent or chronic Lyme disease.

Part III will review some 'real life insights' into symptoms seen in my practice, covering the typical to atypical/'strange'/'weird' symptoms that I have seen in thousands of Lyme disease patients.


2:20​ - Start of acute symptoms recording

3:44​ - Urgent care tick bites

4:18​ - Typical symptoms

4:32​ - Fever characteristics

5:00​ - Headache characteristics

5:40​ - Fatigue characteristics

5:51​ - Gastrointestinal characteristics

6:23​ - General pain characteristics

7:02​ - General presentation of acute symptoms

7:22​ - Lyme disease unique presentation clues . .


Part II - Lyme Disease Symptoms - Chronic or Persistent Symptoms

Part III - Lyme Disease Symptoms - The typical and 'strange' reality of symptoms.

Lyme disease Risk Factors To Consider!

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