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Lyme Disease Risk Factors To Consider!

Updated: May 2

Why are Lyme disease risk factors important to review?

If you think you may have Lyme disease or a related tick borne infection, knowing and highlighting your risk factors will help you and your health care team determine if Lyme disease investigation is going to be worth your time, money and effort.

In this video I will be talking about the 5 risk factor categories that I review with ALL my patients when they suspect Lyme disease;

Your location of living

Travel history

Animal exposure



If you suspect you may have Lyme disease OR if you just want more information for Lyme disease prevention, watch this video to learn more!


1:24​ - Intro

1:41​ - Overview of 5 risk factor categories to consider

1:54​ - Review of residences (where you live) risk factor

2:55​ - Review of travel history risk factor

4:07​ - Review of animal risk factor

4:49​ - Review of occupation risk factor

5:42​ - Review of hobbies risk factor

6:44​ - The most common risk factors leading to tick bites (in my practice)

8:06​ - Engorged tick vs. non-engorged tick picture (why is this important)

8:55​ - Most common MISSED tick attachment locations (in my opinion)

10:00​ - Repeat Lyme disease infection note

10:27​ - Final recommendations

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