Patient Care Information

Dr. Angela Lee ND is currently accepting only suspected or confirmed cases of

Lyme disease and related infections 

Care Options


Please accommodate 45 minutes for this appointment

The ‘preliminary appointment’ is highly recommended to new patients who:

(I) Suspect Lyme disease or a related infection

(II) Suspect re-occurrence or ‘relapse’ of infection

(III) Looking to transfer care

(IV) Looking for co-management and are currently under the care of a MD or ND

(V) Require guidance or support for Lyme disease and related infections blood tests


The ‘preliminary appointment’ is a 45 appointment with Dr. Angela Lee ND. During this appointment an assessment of the case will be done, review of laboratory findings (if any), addressing patient questions and concerns and recommendations for care.

Patients are asked to fill out and bring the THE HOROWITZ QUESTIONNAIRE to the appointment.



online booking:


(Please specify “ Preliminary Appointment”)

-Established Patients-


Virtual or In-office (Skype user name: aleellnd)

15 minutes - $60

30 minutes - $120

45 minutes $150

(Please specify time required)


-Emails - $30*

*subject to a charge if one or more of the following is required

• Retrieval of patient file to verify, modify or review

• Email includes 3+ more questions related to their case

• Recommendations and/or changes to treatment plan

• Response required +15 minutes of time




online booking:

(Please specify “ Follow up ”)


Areas of Expertise

Family history

of cardiovascular disease


and high blood


and exercise counseling

Bicuspid aortic valve disease


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Coming soon 

Naturopathic Doctor

focusing exclusively on tick-borne infections 

Angela Lee ND

Practice Locations

Virtual Consults ONLY 

In - Office locations TBA

Booking Appointments


(response -24-48 hours)

Please note for email bookings:

Specify day

Approximate time

Type of appointment

Length of appointment req.

Fax (249) 449-1201

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