Fees as of Jan 2020


New patients

Preliminary Appointment

$120 - 30 minutes 

The ‘preliminary appointment’ is a 30 appointment with Dr. Angela Lee ND that can be done virtually (over the phone/FaceTime) or in office. During this appointment an assessment of the case will be done, review of laboratory findings (if any), addressing patient questions and concerns and recommendations for care. Further laboratory testing may be done during this visit. 



Established patients

Follow up

Follow up appointments:

(in-office or phone)

15 mins -$85

30mins - $110

45 mins- $155

Emails - $30*

*subject to a charge if one or more of the following is required

• Retrieval of patient file to verify, modify or review

• Email includes 3+ more questions related to their case

• Recommendations and/or changes to treatment plan

• Response required +15 minutes of time

P3 Health's

Integrative Medicine Program


Integrative Medicine Program (IMP)

Price ~ please call 416 699 3636

(program is not covered by OHIP)


Q: How often do I have to follow up if I become a patient?

A: Normally patient follow ups are 6-8 weeks apart which can be done over the phone or in office. However, this may vary due to specific patient requirements. 


Q: I am a new patient and I am not sure where to start?

A: If you are not sure what the best care option is for you or your family member, please consider the “PRELIMINARY APPOINTMENT” (under ‘New Patient’ section) to start. Dr. Lee ND will review all the best care options for your specific case. Questions and concerns you may have will also be addressed during this appointment.


Q: All I need help with is blood testing for Lyme disease, do I still have to be a patient?

A: A minimum of a ‘PRELIMINARY APPOINTMENT’ is required for all blood test evaluations.


Q: Do I need a referral to see Dr. Angela Lee ND or a P3 Health medical doctor.

A: Dr. Angela Lee ND does not require a referral however P3 Health medical doctors require a referral from your GP.


Q: Are services taxable?

A: Naturopathic consultation services are not taxable. The IMP program is not taxable.


If you have any further questions please contact us



call 416 699 3636

Naturopathic Doctor

focusing exclusively on tick-borne infections 

Angela Lee ND

Practice Locations

P3 Health Clinic

145 Front Street

Toronto, ON CA

M5A 1E3


Tel: 416-699-3636

Fax: 416-546-1870

Booking Appointments

Call 416 699 3636

(response ~24-72 hours)


email: alee@p3health.net

(response -24-48 hours)

*quickest option 

Please note for email bookings:

Specify day

Approximate time

Type of appointment

(in-office or phone) 

Length of appointment req.

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