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Patient Care Information 

New Patients 


45 minutes 

For those who:

  •  Suspect Lyme disease or a related infection

  •  Suspect re-occurrence or ‘relapse’ of infection

  •  Looking to transfer care

  •  Looking for co-management and currently under the care of an MD

  •  Require review of laboratory findings 


This appointment will include a review of the case, review of laboratory findings (if any), addressing patient questions and concerns and recommendations for care.


Current Patients 



15 minutes - $60

30 minutes - $120

45 minutes $150



*subject to a charge if one or more of the following is required

  • Retrieval of patient file to verify, modify or review

  • Email includes 3+ more questions related to their case

  • Recommendations and/or changes to treatment plan

  • Response required +15 minutes of time


The Lyme in Focus Education (LiFE) Hub will be a membership site for access to Lyme focused programs, webinars and support developed and hosted by Dr. Angela Lee ND. 


The vision of The LiFE Hub is to create a community of support in a safe setting, provide affordable education and advice to all who suspect Lyme disease and/or suffering from tick-borne illness and, to reinforce hope for those who need some much needed light on what may seem like a very dark and dim road. 

Details on membership are coming soon.


Please join our mailing list to be updated on membership launch dates. 


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