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Lyme Disease testing guides for those who suspect Lyme disease or related infections:

Do I Have Lyme Guide (Complete Guide) $449

If you suspect Lyme disease or related infection but don’t know how to start, this complete digital video course will educate and guide you on how to navigate through the controversy, confusion, and doubt.


The complete guide will cover everything from understanding the complexity of Lyme disease, risk factors, symptoms (typical and atypical), and testing options (based on most frequently seen scenarios in real life practice).


This is a comprehensive, extensive and practical guide on how you and/or your health care provider can investigate Lyme disease.

Along with the video sessions, Dr. Lee ND (inactive) will be hosting weekly office hours for questions and support. This additional support is ONLY available to those who purchase the Do I Have Lyme Guide Complete. 

Do I Have Lyme Guide (Testing + Symptoms) $209

Condensed guide option for those independent learners who seek review of symptoms (acute and chronic (typical and atypical) + complete step by step guidance on testing options your specific cases and how to send samples to ArminLabs or IGeneX Labs. 

Do I Have Lyme Guide (Testing ONLY)  $159

Access to the complete testing module that includes step by step guidance on testing options for your specific case, how to send samples to ArminLabs or IGeneX Labs, 

Please click here for more information and to book a complementary discovery call to see if you are good fit.


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For those who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease or related infection:

Option 1:

The Lyme in Focus Education (LiFE) Hub

The Lyme in Focus Education (LiFE) Hub will be an affordable membership site for access to Lyme focused content, webinars and support developed and hosted by Dr. Angela Lee ND (inactive). 


The vision of The LiFE Hub is to create a community of support in a safe setting, provide affordable education and advice to all Warriors fighting tick-borne illness and, to reinforce hope for those who need some much needed light on their journey to health.

Details on membership are coming soon.


Please join our wait list here to be updated on membership launch dates.

Case management review

Option 2:

A 1:1 coaching call with Dr. Angela Lee ND (inactive) for those who are currently under the care of another health care practitioner (MD, ND, NP, Osteopath etc).


Dr. Lee ND (inactive) will review your case prior to the meeting (an intake form will be provided) and a virtual meeting will be scheduled to discuss management options. Please note suggestions during this consult will be given as a chronic disease management coach and NOT as an ND. Direct patient care can not be done during this consultation, as Dr. Lee ND (inactive) is not an active member of the College of Naturopaths. Consults are for educational purposes only.


To book this consultation, patients must be under the care of a practitioner.


Your practitioner is welcome to join the session but if this is not possible, a summary will be provided.


Fee: $300 per hour

Option 3:

Current clients under Dr. Lee ND (inactive) care

Previous consult options will be available ONLY to patients currently under the care of Dr. A Lee ND (inactive). Instructions and updates will be sent out via the private portal system.

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