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Patient Care Information 

New Patients 


45 minutes 

For those who:

  •  Suspect Lyme disease or a related infection

  •  Suspect re-occurrence or ‘relapse’ of infection

  •  Looking to transfer care

  •  Looking for co-management and currently under the care of an MD

  •  Require review of laboratory findings 


This appointment will include a review of the case, review of laboratory findings (if any), addressing patient questions and concerns and recommendations for care.


Current Patients 



15 minutes - $60

30 minutes - $120

45 minutes $150



*subject to a charge if one or more of the following is required

  • Retrieval of patient file to verify, modify or review

  • Email includes 3+ more questions related to their case

  • Recommendations and/or changes to treatment plan

  • Response required +15 minutes of time


The LiFT Method Discovery Session Booking

The LiFT Method is an affordable 4 month virtual program developed through expertise, experience and observations to focus, enhance and optimize care while on treatment for Lyme Disease or related infections. This program is designed to take away the self doubt, isolation and confusion that plagues majority of patients during treatment. It is the first of its kind, created and designed by Dr. Angela Lee ND.

The Lyme is Focus Treatment Method will be available Nov 1, 2020. Book a 45 min complementary Discovery Session with Dr. Lee ND 

(spaces are limited per session)   

Please note:

Discovery Sessions must be done to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the program.

$379 per month

(4 month commitment) 


1 x 30 min with Dr. Lee ND (1:1)

2 x 15 min with Dr. Lee ND (1:1)

Access to weekly online office hours hosted by Dr. Lee ND

40+ hours of digital coaching, information, recommendations 



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